Designer Spotlight: Sandy Liang

A 2013 Parson’s alumnus, Sandy Liang has been subtly making waves in New York’s fashion scene since the launch of her eponymous brand only a year after her graduation. Inspired by the “effortlessness of Chinatown grandmas” (GQ), her frilly, structured pieces have an element of freshness the fashion world needs.

Her recent rise to fame can be contributed to her creative spin on the classic Patagonia fleece, reworking the well-known silhouette with bright floral jacquard, leopard print and textured leather accents. Although Liang states that she hated the fleece jackets as a child (GQ), she decided to add it to her repertoire, never dreaming of how popular they would become. She told the New York Times, “I was, like, why would you buy my fleece if you could buy one at any other store for much less?” But people did buy them, gleefully choosing the punchy and whimsical accents by Liang over the tried and true style.

Along with her clever designs, Liang’s use of “non-models” and genderless styling cements her place in the new brood of fashion stars: unfussy, unpretentious and full of new ideas. Her Fall/Winter 2019 show introduced a men’s line — although most of her clothes are already described as unisex — with asymmetrical floral dresses, feminine gingham and even more remixes to her signature fleece. The star of the show, however, was Liang’s grandmother, who models the famous fleece on Liang’s website: “She had such a good time. People were taking photos of her, and she low-key loved it.” (NYT) It’s obvious that Sandy Liang is just getting started.

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